Lyrics | Cloud 9

How do you feel
I know your loss is not an easy thing 
I know the pain
It is in our eyes
Recover regret, unfold the ending
Understand the symbolic healing in the mind 
We feel it in the lonely night 

See the light above you in the night 
The memory seems to be aware this time 
Please show me the fallen ones 
I can’t take my eyes off you
I know that they said we all will be fine 
Above cloud number 9, above cloud number 9 

How do you feel
I know it’s hurting 
An unbearable thing 
But life moves on, and you will be fine 
Get hold of yourself 
You’re not that lonely
Friends around you will help the healing in the mind
We feel it in the lonely night


No sign of happiness waiting for you at the very top
They’re are only memories of how you got there hallelujah 
So make it all worthwhile 
Do not forsake what is your’ 
Cause your only here today