Lyrics | Devil or the Blue Cat's Song

Drunken spectators, the crucified demon on my shoulder cry loud
Banging the head against the table
The whiskey can no longer find it's way home
In the corner of fallen fights a cat sits licking it's wounds
It's eyes will forever take me home

OOOOH devil from the birth [x2]
OOOOH devil or the blue cat's song

Poisoning the mind with the liquor who calls all the demons to shine
Pain no penance, forget martyrs
This is your own way to coping your mind

In the light I'm blind but I'm clean
And they know in the darkness I'm home
Well there's something else and it's screams
And I know, if let it I lose

OOOOH devil or the blue cat’s song

The unexpected struggle to come back and plotting the forecast to stars
Fixtures the escot among the remembrance of the days that was falling apart