It’s time to rock’n’rum!

The Volbeat 15 Años is a blend of the finest Caribbean rums for the outlaw gentlemen and shady ladies. Rums from Guyana and Dominican Republic form the foundation, like the bass and drums. Jamaican pot still rums add a bit of shimmy while Trinidad lays down the harmonies. Barbados rocks the lead guitar while Trinidad delivers the high notes. The Volbeat 15 Años kicks ass beyond hell/above heaven with rich notes of wood, caramel and dried fruits and seals the deal with a long, groovy finish.

“Deep. Dark. Complex. Just the way I wanted it.” Michael Poulsen

Customers from Denmark use this link:

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NB: The rum is currently only available in Europe

NB: VOLBEAT Rum II can be found in the below stores across Denmark:

Helsingør Vinhandel - Helsingør
Hr. Nielsens Specialiteter - Brovst
Vinspecialisten, Pedersborg Vin - Skive
Click - Lemvig
Fenswine - Fensmark
Vinoble - Odense
Vinens Verden - Odense
Vinspecialisten, Byens Vinhandel - Esbjerg
Vinmanden - Vejle
Vinmanden - Middelfart
Andersen Vinhandel - Næstved
Eriksen Vinhandel - Holbæk
Romeriet - Aalborg
Diovino - Horsens
Kassen med vin - Kastrup
Skjold Burne - Vordingborg
Backevin - Helsingør
Skjold Burne - Næstved
Greve Vinkompagni - Greve
Uhrskov Vine - Herning
Skjold Burne - Aalborg
Skjold Burne - Ringsted
Skjold Burne - København
Vin og Velsmag - Maribo
Holte Vinlager - Roskilde
Den Franske Vinhandel - Roskilde
Vinspecialisten - Brønderslev
Skjold Burne - Fjerritslev
Skjold Burne - Farsø
Vinspecialisten - Skagen
Vinspecialisten - Frederiksvavn
Vinspecialisten - Sæby
Vinspecialisten, Risgaard Vinhandel - Hjørring
Vin & Kunst - Struer
Estate Wine - Holstebro
Brugsforeningen - Vinderup
Dahls Vinhandel - Viborg
Vinspecialisten - Randers
Skjold Burne - Hadsten
Marselis Vine - Højbjerg
Skjold Burne - Hadsten
Skjold Burne - Randers
Vinspecialisten - Bogense
Slik For Voksne - Esbjerg
Give Vinhandel - Give
Thorkilds Vinhandel - Vejen
Marselis Vine - Aarhus