Lyrics | A Warrior's Call

Let's get ready to rumble!

Feel the fire he's entering the ring
His mindset only knows how to win
This Danish fighter will break you in two
You will feel all his power

The Viking warrior Mikkel Kessler will now brand his name in the back of your head
Yeah you feel the floor again
Unleashing his hell you will not even hear the bell
Maybe you're strong but you don't stand a chance

Feel the power of the warrior
Fight, fight, fight, fight
Let's get ready to rumble
Breaking your record and breaking your bones
Born a warrior with a code
A champion feeding your face with a fist
You will feel all his power
Feel the power of a warrior
Let's get ready to rumble
A gladiator's left and hook
Feel the pain tomorrow

Behold here comes the son
Believe it he was born to be the chosen one
The call is for a warrior
His name will echo in the sea and on the ground