Lyrics | Fallen

Feel the sadness burning in my heart
You left too early father love
So many things I should have said
But in your mind you knew it well
Holding on to what I got and love
But things still seem so dark and cold
The fire is burning down my happiness
But I will rise

So proud and strong you truly was
I took it with me as a tool
A gift from father to his only son
Watching over me with eagle eyes
You gave me freedom to a life
Where dreams are born and truly become real

See me falling yeah down and lonely
Are the angels on their way I'm in the dirt
Hear me screaming, see me bleeding
'Cause the day's no more the same without you

Promise me my son you always will
Cherish what you love believing in
Never lose your values, stand up for the day
Oh dear father I thank you for the years
I'm writing this song on your desk
Together we can make it through the day