Lyrics | Mr. & Mrs. Ness

The old man is crying and he's lying
The blood on his hands (is) from his wife
Oh Lucy your mother is crying in the sky
Lucy Where am I?

They took me away from the (crime) scene
Removing the gun from my fingers
Oh Lucy your daddy is not the culprit
Now "home" in a cold cell

Dance all people I hold the gun, connected to my own self
Well Mrs. Ness is lying in a pool of blood
How could she do this to me

Lucy dear your mother just ended herself, she's on the way
Tell her that I love her but don't forgive the thing she did

Overloaded with anger that heals no soul
Just a grieving home

Well love has it's own way of coping
The sadness took over her feelings
Oh Lucy the loss of her girl made her blind
3 are now (left) behind