Lyrics | Soulweeper #2

Settle down for a moment cause your heart is beating hard
Baby you've been my lover, and I told you from the start
Better no promises, and I'll do you no harm

But you're keen on the question I tell you not to pop
But maybe it's been a hurting, it's been hurting from the start
Do you not coping then tear it apart

Never wanted it this way
Oh baby I'm dying I'm crying over it
Maybe you feel it to, oh baby I'm blue

A barren winter came over and your mood was like fire
7 years and a summer, and you still sit there and cry
You're better without me, and you're one of a kind

If I knew that December should bring a silent part
Shaded truth and partisian between disperated lines
Truly now drifting alone in the dark

Well it's over and a letter is flying high
Out the window to catch a hand of thine
Could the founder release it's bloody words
Scream the anger and sorrow of a girl