Cheapside Sloggers

Watch the music video for the new song “Cheapside Sloggers” featuring special guest Gary Holt now! Directed by Shan Dan Horan, the video finds the band engaging in some childish behavior...

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New song from the upcoming album Rewind, Replay, Rebound out 2 August 2019. Pre-order now.

The blood is painting the streets again
With hammers and razor blades
Thieves and riots are our daily bread
The Peaky Blinders prevail
Dear brothers let’s celebrate what is ours by day and by night
Stylishly and fearlessly we control what is wrong and right
So be kind
If you come for us, we’ll cut you a smile
May I be at the heaven’s gate a half hour before
Before the devil knows I’m dead
I’m always dressed up for good