New Videos: For Evigt / The Bliss

New single “For Evigt" from the upcoming album “Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie" out now!

The song "For Evigt" is a duet with Johan Olsen the lead singer of the Danish rock band Magtens Korridorer. It’s been 10 years since their paths last crossed on the hit single "The Garden’s Tale". Michael Poulsen elaborates:

“For Evigt" is a song about remembering the good things in life and celebrating it. Cause nobody knows if it’s going to last forever. It's great to be working with Johan again – I think we work well together.”

Preorder the digital album now at to receive “For Evigt” and “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” instantly.
There is also a version with an English chorus called „The Bliss“ which you can watch here
„The Bliss ” will be available on the deluxe versions of the album.