Volbeat Rum is an elegant and full-bodied batch, with a long, rich and delicious finish. The solera rum is blended by master distillers from the Dominican Republic, using rums aged up to 23 years. The taste is full-bodied, soft and sweet with notes of caramel, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, wood and spices. With every sip, there are subtle nuances to the palate, with a memorable powerful, long finish.

Singer Michael Poulsen shares: "For quite some time I have had an interest in finding the right match to bring a spirit to market. The integrity of our band has always been important to me, and this is the first time we have opened the door to release a product that is not tied to musical activities. Lars, and Marselis Wines, are great partners, and with their expertise, we look towards a successful launch that will warm the palates of our fans as we enter the winter months. The Volbeat Rum is a beverage we are proud to be introducing, and we hope the fans love it as much as we do".

Volbeat Rum Available Here: www.volbeatrum.com
UPDATE: The first batch of rum is currently sold out execpt in select stores in Denmark. A new batch is in the making - more as it happens!