Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil Anniversary Vinyl

Mascot Records will release the 15th Anniversary limited-edition vinyl of our second album, Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil, on 20 May 2022. 

Head to your local record store or our Official Shop to pre-order a limited edition glow-in-the-dark pressing. A limited number of unique marble editions will also be available in our Shop & via EMP and Revolver. 

Pre-order here

Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil Tracklist:
A1      The Human Instrument
A2      Mr. & Mrs. Ness
A3      The Garden's Tale
A4      Devil Or The Cat's Song
A5      Sad Man’s Tongue
A6      River Queen
B1      Radio Girl
B2      A Moment Forever
B3      Soulweeper #2
B4      You Or Them
B5      Boa (Jdm)