Stetson Collaboration

Michael designed a limited edition hat in collaboration with Stetson! Grab it exclusively in Volbeat Stores now HERE.

The hat will also launch in Stetson stores and selected retailers in Europe as well as online at on 22 July.

I’ve been a fan of Stetson for almost all of my life. In fact, one of my earliest memories is writing the name “Stetson” inside of a toy cowboy that I had as a child. And now, I’m extremely proud to present the new cap I designed in partnership with Stetson.
Finding the right cap can be a difficult task, but when I discovered the quality of Stetson’s caps, it made the struggle quite easy. They truly have a cap for anyone, even those who struggle to find the right shape or design. It’s legendary brand from that has existed since the 1860’s and their products take me back to the old western movies that inspired so many of my musical projects. 
Stetson gave me the freedom to create my own personal design using the colors I thought would work the best for it, resulting in a cap that is not only personal for me, but also lets me be a part of the incredible Stetson legacy. And now, they are helping me share it with you so you can put it on and be a part of both mine and Stetson’s history.