Making 'Servant Of The Mind' Series

Volbeat is rolling out a six-episode series titled Making ‘Servant Of The Mind’ which will navigate and recap the band’s writing process for their new album Servant Of The Mind.   

Episode 1: It’s Going To Be Pretty Heavy, Isn’t It? is out now, which you can watch below.

Over the next week, Volbeat will be releasing a new behind-the-scenes episode a day, covering different aspects of making Servant Of The Mind. You can set reminders to watch all episodes in the series here.

Listen to Volbeat’s new album Servant Of The Mind everywhere here.

EPISODE 1: It’s Going To Be Pretty Heavy This Time, Isn’t It?

EPISODE 2: Hey, Just Play Along To This…

EPISODE 3: It Has To Be Fun. It Needs To Be Fun.

EPISODE 4: That Motherfucker’s Done.

EPISODE 5: They Bring The Fun Factor. 

EPISODE 6: Found That Joy.